A Mother’s Story

Every journey is different and presents its own unique challenges. But hear how First Response™ helped these women on their paths to motherhood.

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Samantha’s Story

Cambridge, ON

Danielle’s Story

Renfrew, ON

When Matt and I met it was truly love at first sight. We instantly knew we wanted to start a family, but I never thought in a million years it would take us over three years to get pregnant. I already had a son from a previous relationship, but had also suffered two miscarriages.

At first we just decided to stop all birth control and wait it out. A year went by quickly and we weren't pregnant, so we started to look into my cycles and chart my basal body temperature. We tried cheap internet ovulation tests, used Ovatel and took vitamins — but still nothing.

After two years of trying unsuccessfully we went to our doctor, who put us through many tests and told us that nothing obvious was standing in our way. Apparently I just ovulate "fast," so we were told we needed to act quickly when we knew I was ovulating.

We continued trying, but only experienced more waiting and heartache. It seemed as if no matter what we tried, we just couldn't seem to identify the brief window when I was ovulating each month. After three years of trying to conceive our baby I finally decided to try the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test.

Not only was it easy to use and easy to read, it quickly detected my luteinizing hormone surge so we knew exactly when to act. We went straight to work and sure enough, a few weeks later — on our first wedding anniversary — I was pregnant! Our daughter is now the light of our lives and truly our miracle.

The FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test helped us finally have the family we dreamed of, and I will forever be grateful.

Tracy’s Story

Estevan, SK

Ovulation is key to getting pregnant, and this is something I struggled with my whole life. My cycle was very irregular and often extremely painful. I spent most of high school going to specialists to see what was wrong, but they could not find the source. I met my husband very young and he always wanted a huge family. Six kids, to be precise! We were scared that I wouldn't be able to have even one child, especially if we waited until we were older.

We tried for a year to get pregnant using ovulation predictors and everything else we could think of before going to the doctor. The doctor gave us Clomid to ensure ovulation, and we used the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test to help us know exactly when I was most fertile. Three months later I was pregnant with our beautiful daughter, who was born in April, 2013.

The thing I loved about these tests the most was that you had 20 tries. Several times I used almost all twenty because my cycle was so unpredictable, even when I was on Clomid.

When it was time to try for our second child, the first thing I bought was the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test. I became pregnant with another baby girl a couple of months later, and she was born January 2015.

Thank you so much, FIRST RESPONSE™, for helping give us a shot at the large family we always wanted!

Stephanie’s Story

Whitby, ON

Megan’s Story

Brantford, ON

I got pregnant out of the blue in May, 2013. My husband and I were ecstatic! We weren't necessarily trying, but we weren't taking precautions either. When we lost the baby at just over seven weeks on June 20th (my 24th birthday), it was a devastation like no other. We had gotten so excited about this little bundle of joy, and had even bought his/her "first" stuffed animals from Mommy and Daddy. Needless to say, my birthday will never be the same. After that we realized that we were truly ready to start a family, and so I started trying to find out when exactly I was fertile. At first I charted and temped, and estimated based on my menstrual cycle. July, August and September went by with no luck, so in October I decided that enough was enough and bought the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test.

We discovered that I was actually ovulating two days earlier than we had estimated, so we were missing my fertile window every time. With this new knowledge, in November, 2014, we conceived our now eight-month-old son. If it weren't for the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test we would have kept trying to no avail, and I think that would have broken me. When it's time to start trying to conceive our next child, I will definitely start with FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Tests.

Candace’s Story

Carter’s Cove, NL

My husband and I had been living together for two years before our little bundle of joy came along. At first we weren't sure we wanted children, but as our love for each other and our life together continued to grow, we realized that we wanted to be a family — complete with a child. I thought that once we stopped preventing pregnancy we would conceive in no time, but that just wasn't the case.

I had heard so many stories of women getting pregnant by accident "that one time the condom broke," or when they forgot to take their pill, that I figured if we stopped using protection we would get pregnant right away. Since I wasn't on birth control we wouldn't have that waiting period of making sure it was fully out of my system — or at least that's what I thought.

I was wrong! I purchased pregnancy test after pregnancy test expecting it to be positive right away, but that didn't happen. My husband and I began to worry that there might be something going on with one of us that might be making conception difficult. I decided to do some research before calling the doctor, and found out about the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test. After reading about it, we decided to try a different approach and use ovulation tests to plan better dates, rather than just buying endless pregnancy tests and hoping for the best.

We used the FIRST RESPONSE™ Digital Ovulation Test to help us know when I was ovulating. I can only assume that they worked and were accurate, because we found out we were pregnant within a few months! The nice part about it was we were able to do all the planning and tests by ourselves, in the comfort of our own home. It was easy and empowering, and before long we had a beautiful healthy baby and our family was finally complete.